Take A Refreshing Dip in the 1300 Level Hot Springs of Itogon, Benguet

Amidst the mountainous region of Benguet lies a hot spring resort at Brgy. Poblacion, Itogon. It takes only about 30 minutes (without traffic) to get there from Baguio City. If you don’t have a car, you can ride an Itogon-bound jeep (fare: P32) at the jitney terminal, beside Shopper’s Lane, near Baguio Center Mall. Yes, the road is winding and some parts can be muddy on a rainy day but when the sun is out, it is a smooth ride.

Compared to the more popular hot spring resorts located in Asin, Itogon hot spring, also known as the 1300 Swimming Pools, have plenty of room for improvement, in terms of facilities. But if you’re after a good swim and a good view of nature, then it’s surely worth the trip. The view of the lush green mountains while you’re enjoying the warm waters is amazing!

There are separate pools for kids (2ft), and adults (5ft up to 5.7 ft). There’s a small waterfall and a little bridge near the jacuzzi tub for picture taking. Cottages are available for rent at P500 for one whole day. The entrance fee may range from P30 to P50. Pool waters are drained in the afternoon daily so you can take a fresh swim the next day.

Hint: If you’re going on a holiday, there’s bound to be a big crowd. Ask the locals for nearby pools where you can have some privacy at a cheaper rate!

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How to get there

From: Baguio Center Mall

– Ride a Metered Taxi (Flagdown Rate: Php 35; plus Php 2 per 200 meters)

– Ride a Public Utility Jitney (best option)

– PUJ’s marked Itogon (min fare: Php 31.00)

Jitney Terminal

Itogon Jitney Terminal, Lapu-lapu Street, Baguio Center Mall.

You can ride jitneys bound to Sangilo Mines or Poblacion, Itogon.


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